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Evaluation Summary - Irrigation optimization in the Jordan Valley project, (IOJoV)

For the “Agricultural water resources” sector, the irrigation optimization project in the Jordan Valley was subject to an evaluation in January 2015.

The reduction of the freshwater allocation to the agricultural sector in the Jordan Valley is a threat to farmers. In this context, the previous irrigation optimization project implemented from 2000 to 2006 proposed methodologies and tools to help farmers. This project aims to scale-up these solutions.

The project demonstrated that the implementation of a virtuous cycle to end low water service quality and illegal practices of farmers is possible.

However, it also demonstrated that sustaining such a virtuous cycle requires major structural changes that were beyond its scope. The current situation calls for a collective and concerted redefinition of the water service at global and local level. A new and revised project could accompany this redefinition as well as much-needed structural changes.

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author(s) :
C. Rigourd, IRAM-Agriate
G. Lambert, IRAM-Agriate
A. Alulayyan, IRAM-Agriate
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