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Evaluation Summary - Jabban Hydel Project, Pakistan CPK1006

In Pakistan, in the energy sector, the Jabban project (CKP1006) was subject to an evaluation in 2021. The Pakistani energy sector suffers under insufficient installed capacities leading to power shutdowns and respective economic losses. The high portion of thermal power puts high burden on the nations debt as the tariffs are high and with it the subsidies and the import of considerable amounts of fossil fuel. The thermal stations generate a substantial amount of greenhouse gases.

The project aimed to increase the capacity of Jabban hydropower station from 19.6 to 22 MW, generate about 122 GWh/a of clean energy and to reduce greenhouse emissions by about 51,000 tons/a. In addition, the project intended to create 500 direct jobs during construction, and 80 permanent jobs in operation of the plant. Creation of another 500 formal and informal jobs was assumed in the vicinity of the power stations and due to the availability of more power in the grid.

The expected capacity increasement have been achieved, the expected generation output is even exceeded. This leads also to a higher avoidance rate of CO2 emissions.

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