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Evaluation Summary - The Jodhpur Water Supply Project, Rajasthan, India - CIN1029-1056

In India, the Jodhpur Water Supply Project (CIN 1029 et CIN 1056) was subject to an evaluation in 2022. The main objectives were :

  • Containing the emissions of the green-house gases (GHGs) through the hydraulic reorganization of the water distribution system, as well as energy and water efficiency measures in the city of Jodhpur.
  • Improving water services through controlled augmentation of capacity and expansion, energy and water efficiency measures, and better management of operations.

The project has been an excellent initiative by the Jodhpur PHED, the Government of Rajasthan and AFD. It has managed to achieve most of its ambitious outcomes with respect to reduction of GHG emission through energy saving initiatives, improving the water availability, ensuring water security to a larger population base. However, with effective preparatory planning, the project could have been more efficient with respect to delivering the outcomes and outputs in an economical and timely manner.

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