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Evaluation Summary - Mombasa Water and Sanitation Service Improvement Project (Mombasa WaSSIP), Kenya

In Kenya, for the water and sanitation sector, the sovereign loan to support the Mombasa water and sanitation service improvement project was subject to an evaluation in 2019. 

At the project inception, the Coast Water Services Board (CWSB) inherited a rather dilapidated infrastructure and water supply and sanitation services suffering from inefficient operations and poor maintenance. Thus the target of access to water and sanitation for all remained a major challenge for the Government of Kenya, CWSB and the Mombasa Water & Sewerage Company (MOWASCO). To a large extent, the Mombasa WaSSIP was successful in steering transition in the water sector and establishing a strong foundation for addressing the huge gaps in service delivery in the coast region and Mombasa City in particular.

The evaluation concludes that if the project strategy is to be effective, the design of a water and sanitation project should be integrated in approach taking into account water supply, sanitation, solid waste, storm water management, environment and water source protection dimensions.

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International Development Institute - Africa (IDIA)
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