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Evaluation Summary - Reconstruction of the urban drainage system of Banda Aceh

In Indonesia, for the “Sanitation” sector, the sovereign loan to support the reconstruction of the urban drainage system of Banda Aceh was subject to an evaluation in January 2017.

After the 2004 tsunami, the drainage system was largely destroyed in Kota Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This project aimed at reconstructing and rehabilitating the drainage system spanning 39 km, and cleaning the drains spanning 12 km. It responded to a very real and urgent need of the people of Kota Banda Aceh.

The project was deemed to have had a significant positive impact on the beneficiaries, affecting some 22.000 people in 2006 and 34.000 people by the time of the evaluation. The health of the inhabitants improved and they benefited from better accessibility and reduced damages to household goods and property. The evaluation revealed a need to update the plans for urban infrastructures and noted that the sustainability of the project remains a challenge given the limited organizational capacity of the unit responsible for maintenance.

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