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Evaluation Summary - Sere Wind Farm Project – Eskom

In South Africa, for the “Wind power” sector, Eskom’s Sere Wind Farm project was subject to an evaluation in December 2017.

Climate change has launched a quest for sustainable development, which Eskom saw as an opportunity to implement efficient usage of clean energy in South Africa. It has recognized sustainable development as a pillar of its business and supports the country’s green economy fully. The Sere wind farm project was to increase the share of renewable energy in the production of electricity in South Africa and to initiate a partnership between the AFD and Eskom.

The evaluation perceived the project as a huge success for both parties and recognized its high impact on the availability of electricity in South Africa and on future funding of renewable projects led by independent power producers. Furthermore, it led to the first environmental impact assessment for a utility-size wind farm in South Africa. The AFD’s flexibility was appreciated, although its administrative processes could gain from being electronic. No major concerns were raised as regards the sustainability of the project.

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Haute Performance
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