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With a total net commitment of almost EUR 1.5bn since the opening of AFD’s India agency in 2008 and annual commitments of around EUR 250m since 2013,27 activities in India represent, nearly a quarter of AFD’s total annual commitments in Asia.

Since AFD opened its India agency, activities have been focused on four sectors of intervention: urban transport, green energy, water/sanitation and biodiversity.

The strategy proposed for AFD over the period 2017–2021 is grounded on the new sustainable development agenda and sustainable development goals (SDGs), as well as the post-COP 21 commitments. In line with AFD’s overall objective as presented to the CICID of November 2016, the strategy emphasises support for the major transitions of the modern world, by targeting the key themes on which AFD has built its experience since 2008: the urban, energy and ecological transitions. Through large aid flows, it directly contributes to the policy objectives announced regarding the target of +EUR 4bn for AFD in 2020, including +2bn for climate change.

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