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In close partnership in 2008, 2009 and 2010, JICA and AFD approved a series of “climate” budget loans to the Indonesian Government in order to facilitate the design and implementation of an ambitious national policy to combat climate change (CC), supported by a high-level policy dialogue. This ex post evaluation was coordinated by the AFD and JICA evaluation departments and was jointly managed, from the composition of the terms of reference, the recruitment of the consulting team, the discussion and validation of the evaluation methodology to the validation of the final report.

This exercise was triply innovative: in its purpose – the CCPL, pioneer of a new type of financing to combat climate change, in its partnership approach – first joint evaluation with JICA, and in its method – inspired (in adapting it to climate loans) by the methodological approach for evaluating budget support promoted by the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD. It involves a three-stage approach: i) evaluation of the intervention logic of the loan; ii) evaluation of the results of the Government’s strategy in the domain of climate change; iii) scrutiny of the causal links between the loans approved and the results of the Government’s strategy.

The evaluation strives to assess the relevance of the support provided by AFD and JICA, and to what degree this series of loans has allowed Indonesia to effectively develop and implement a strategy meeting the challenges of climate change. The evaluation concerned the totality of inputs provided by both Donors: the financial loan, the technical assistance to implement the matrix of policies, and the framework offered for a policy dialogue The present report concerns the conclusions of this exercise and proposes recommendations for the future


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