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Crises must be tackled urgently to mitigate their effects and over time to deal with them in depth. The Covid-19 pandemic is an example. It is a reminder of the urgent need to take full account of long-term issues so that we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This is what AFD’s action is all about. It works to promote social cohesion and meet the needs of vulnerable communities: marginalized groups, refugees, forcibly displaced persons and host populations.

This is the spirit of the Minka Peace and Resilience Fund, France’s development tool to take action before, during and after a crisis or conflict. AFD finances projects in four priority foreign policy hotbeds of crisis: the Sahel, the Lake Chad basin, the Central African Republic and the Middle East.

The projects financed by the Fund in 2020 will improve living conditions for 6 million people. 2021 is a key year for Minka, for the promotion of respect, tolerance and peace. We will be up to the task.

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