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FOCUS Mobility and transport

The mobility of people and goods is one of the key conditions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): it is indispensable for enabling people to access employment and basic services (health, education); for the effective and sustainable functioning of a productive economy; and so that cities can remain efficient, breathable and liveable.

Mobility is shaped by individual choices made by a multitude of free economic actors, who are part of a “mobility system” combining infrastructures, associated services and a regulatory framework. The AFD Group has adopted a new “Mobility and Transport” sector operational framework which derives its “Territorial and Ecological Transition” strategy at a sector-specific level. In line with the AFD Group 2018–2022 Strategy, and to align with the orientations recognized by the transport sector’s international community, the “Mobility and Transport” sector operational framework focuses on four sectoral goals:

  • Inclusive mobility systems
  • “Green” and low carbon mobility systems
  • Efficient and sustainable mobility systems
  • Safe and secure mobility systems for all.
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