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Orients - AFD Group 2021-2025 regional strategy

The “Orients” region stretches from the Balkans to Indonesia and harbours important challenges for international peace, and for the collective global transition towards low-carbon, economic and social sustainability.

In this region, at the intersection of sustainable development challenges and the priorities of French development policy, AFD Group wants to co-construct and support low-carbon and resilient development trajectories that respond to the social demands for an improved quality of life. The Group also wishes to bolster synergies between SDGs

Its role as a platform and its advisory mission based on French know-how will be core to the changes in the Group’s intervention over the period 2021–2025 and beyond. AFD’s added value in the “Orients” is not limited to its financial offer and is underpinned notably by its capacity to maintain public policy dialogues, mobilise actors within partnerships and provide expertise and knowledge.

Download the document below to know more about the 2021-2025 regional strategy in the Orients. 

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