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Pakistan Strategy 2018-2022

In accordance with its intervention strategy for Asia,15 the Group sets itself three objectives in Pakistan consistent with 100% Paris Agreement commitment to low-carbon and resilient development and 100% social link:

  • Objective 1 : support resolution of the energy crisis
  • Objective 2 : improve the quality of services in urban areas (water, sanitation, transport)
  • Objective 3 : contribute to bolstering the resilience of vulnerable populations and to protecting territories against natural disasters

The Group will continue the diversification of its intervention sectors, begun in 2017, while continuing its operations in the energy sector. The Agency is further developing its activities in urban transport, water and sanitation, as well as natural disaster prevention and management, while Proparco is diversifying into microfinance and the manufacturing sector. In response to the Pakistanis’ growing demand for partnerships with French actors, AFD will mobilise tools such as FEXTE and promote the emergence of a French offer, although some French consultancies and firms are reluctant to operate in Pakistan.

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