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Prescriptions for inclusion in construction/worksite ESMPS to strengthen Covid-19 health control

This document provides prescriptions to be integrated into the health and safety sections of environmental and social management plans and systems of projects financed by the French Agency for Development (AFD) and that are currently in a construction (or pre-construction) phase. 

The prescriptions are intended to strengthen the control of COVID-19 risk at, and in the vicinity of, project construction sites and worker accommodation camps. There are also prescriptions for the management of COVID-19 risks for situations where project activities and project organisation may influence community health in the vicinity of projects. 

The prescriptions have been gathered from guidance documents available in the public domain and from non-published working papers prepared by various International Financial Institutions. The prescriptions are not exhaustive and reflect the understanding of the characteristics of COVID-19 and its control at the time of writing (2020/05/15). 

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