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Exhibition leaflet "Reemerging diseases: New health challenges in Southeast Asia"

Population growth and economic development in Southeast Asia are driving major changes: a high rate of urbanization, increased exploitation of natural resources, intensification of agricultural practices. Their combined impact is upsetting ecosystems and
speeding up climate change.

Unexpected outcome: certain neglected infectious diseases are becoming a health priority. Their spread is such that they are now in the “reemerging diseases” category. This exhibition focuses on the fight against two of them: dengue fever and leptospirosis.

Combatting them requires improved clinical diagnosis and laboratory confirmation of the diseases in order to better identify and control them. Greater awareness of the risk factors makes it possible to develop more effective monitoring and control strategies.

That is where the ECOMORE II project comes in. Coordinated by the Institut Pasteur and funded by the AFD, the project is investigating changes in the environment and in the human activities behind the emergence of infectious diseases. It improves risk management for community health. It builds the capacity of laboratories while supporting national and regional cooperation. 

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