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Brazil–Southern Cone Regional Strategy2020-2024

This document presents the strategy of the Regional Office for Brazil-Southern Cone (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay), established in September 2017 and located in Brasilia. The strategy covers the period 2020-2024. AFD Group operates in the three countries – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay – in line with the modalities deriving from the mandates entrusted to it:

  • AFD is mandated to operate in the countries eligible for official development assistance for which it has received authorisation from the Interministerial Committee for international Cooperation and Development (CICID): Argentina and Brazil
  • Proparco, the Group’s private-sector financing arm, is mandated to operate in all countries eligible for ODA in the region 
  • Given the imminent integration of Expertise France into AFD Group, the activities of Expertise France in the subregion are taken into account in this document.

With respect to the six transitions promoted by AFD Group and given the development challenges in the sub-region, the activities of the Brazil-Southern Cone Regional Office will pursue two priority lines of action: the territorial and ecological transition and the energy transition.

In parallel, the BSC Regional Office will provide targeted financing for activities able to respond to the challenges of the economic and financial transition, and the political and civic transition.


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