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Strategy 2019-2022 Research, Innovation & Knowledge

Strengthening research efforts and promoting innovation are among the cross-cutting focus areas of the French development and international solidarity policy. Echoing this ambition, the AFD Group is setting research and innovation and, more broadly, the production and sharing of knowledge, as the third dimension of the AFD Group Strategy 2019–2022. 

The present strategy proposes to renew AFD Group’s positioning on research, innovation and knowledge based on three roles:

  • strategic thinking in support of action;
  • an innovation catalyst;
  • a platform for sharing knowledge and innovation, based on a reinforced evaluation capacity.

The present strategy brings in four key changes:

  • Increase collaboration with locally rooted research partners in AFD Group’s intervention zones.
  • Focus AFD Group’s research agenda on the themes of French development policy, laying emphasis on several flagship themes and their interactions (climate/biodiversity, inequalities and social link, and economic growth).
  • Strengthen its support to innovation and experimentation.
  • More effectively evaluate and capitalise on experience to learn and transmit.
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