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Studies and Research - 2022 Activity Report

We have now entered the 'age of consequences': long, slow-moving crises such as climate change, whose effects are accelerating, and the major health, economic, and geopolitical shocks that may ensue as a result. Understanding the circumstances and analyzing long-term trends are essential for improving the quality of our operations and their impact using a country-specific approach.

This is the purpose of the studies and research carried out by AFD using a multi-disciplinary approach, in close collaboration with our partners in the Global South. This approach can be used to foster public policy dialogue as well as civic debate. Overlapping several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), research at AFD is grounded in the strong sustainability approach: it recognizes the interdependence of economic, environmental, and social transition trajectories, as well as the importance of involving citizens in shaping societal priorities related to these transitions – that are specific for each country.

This Studies and Research 2022 report lays out AFD Group's main trends for this work, highlighting the main uses and flagship projects of our five signature approaches.

Download the activity report available below to find out more.

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