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Water and Sanitation - 2014-2019 Activity Report

The United Nations recognized the human right to access to water and sanitation in 2010, but there is still much progress to be made: over two billion people do not have access to a quality drinking water service at home and more than one person in two does not have adequate sanitation.

Population growth and the effects of climate change are putting pressure on water resources: in 2050, over half of the world’s population will face water shortages at least once a year. The quality of water bodies is under threat everywhere, as is the associated biodiversity. This calls for a more robust effort on water treatment. Water-related disasters will also be an increasing source of humanitarian disasters.

To address these challenges, AFD provides financing to build infrastructure and develop nature-based solutions. AFD thereby contributes to the development of sustainable and high-quality services for everyone, including the most vulnerable.

For 2014-2019, the water and sanitation sector accounted for 10% of AFD Group commitments.

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