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Aid Transparency Index
AFD's efforts to improve the quality of its published data have been rewarded by the NGO Publish What You Fund (PWYF), which placed AFD for the first time in the "Good" category of its 2022 Aid Transparency Index.

For this year’s index, PWYF analyzed more than 140,000 published activities in 2021, representing some $220 billion in commitments. By progressing to the “Good” category - one of five ratings ranging from "very poor" to "very good" - AFD is now among the donors that regularly publish good quality data, from which further research and analysis work can be carried out.

Of the dozens of international organizations ranked, African Development Bank topped the list with a score of 98.5 out of 100.  

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The Aid Transparency Index is based on 35 indicators, each one of which assesses the availability of a specific type of information, from finance and budgets, to overall performance and organizational planning. These indicators relate to the activities, policies and strategies of the different donors. 

AFD progressed in the “Organizational planning and commitments”, “Finances and budget” and “Harmonizing development data” (i.e. data that can be cross-checked with other organizations), scoring 63.5 points out of 100, placing AFD in 28th position.

The ranking also gives prominence to data published in the International Aid Transparency Initiative register, an independent organization of which AFD has been a member since 2016. AFD has improved its referencing of strategic and governance documents, and is moving towards a greater standardization of project data.