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Managing Water and Sanitation in Bolivia and Latin America
AFD is providing support to the Bolivian authorities for the deployment of a vast water resources management plan, via its Fund for Technical Expertise and Experience Transfers.

A technical cooperation agreement aimed at contributing to Bolivia's Integral Water Resources Management (IWRM) Policy and its governance were signed on May 21 between AFD, the Bolivian Ministry of Development Planning (MPD), the Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA), and the International Office for Water (OiEau).

Thanks to a 1.5 million-euro grant from AFD, this cooperation will promote institutional capacity building and the implementation of technical exchanges with a long-term strategic approach.

This initiative is financed by AFD through its cooperation instrument FEXTE, which promotes technical cooperation programs, studies, and projects in developing countries. This grant therefore complements a large portfolio of projects worth nearly €190 million that the Ministry of the Environment and Water is implementing with AFD's financial and technical support.
These projects aim to support the implementation of priority public policies for Bolivian development in the field of water, sanitation, and water resource governance that contribute to resilience and adaptation to climate change.

According to Alexia Levesque, AFD's Director in Bolivia, “this agreement is a new opportunity for Bolivian and French actors to work together and enrich the technical dialog on water management, climate change adaptation, and the local community's well-being.”