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Comics Competition for Young Indonesians – Educating a New Generation in Plastic Pollution
Indonesia is the second-biggest contributor of plastic waste in the world's oceans, behind China. To raise awareness among young Indonesians and encourage them to take action, the Indonesian development bank (PT SMI) and AFD are launching a comic strip competition in partnership with CNN Indonesia.

Indonesia generates approximately 6.8 million tons of plastic waste each year, a figure that is increasing by 5% per year.  Recognizing the urgent need to take bold and unprecedented action to tackle plastic pollution, the Indonesian government has set a target to reduce waste generation nationwide by 30% and to recycle 70% of the waste produced by 2025. 

Raising awareness and engaging young people

One of the key success factors identified in the Strategic Waste Management Plan to 2025 is raising public awareness through dedicated educational campaigns. As comic strips reach a large number of young people across the country, PTSMI and AFD are inviting artists and comic strip lovers to come up with ways to depict plastic pollution problems – and possible solutions. 

"As major maritime nations in the Indo-Pacific, France and Indonesia have a particular responsibility for the sustainable management of the oceans. We must join forces to fight against all forms of pollution, of which the dumping of plastic debris at sea is one,” said French Minister for Maritime Affairs, Annick Girardin, who visited Indonesia last month. “We are working on the ground with AFD and IRD to find innovative solutions and raise awareness of Indonesian citizens to consume plastics more responsibly. So get your pens ready!"

The rules of the contest, organised by CNN Indonesia on Instagram, are available here: www.cnn.id/comicstrip

CNN Indonesia will select finalists, then the jury, composed of Indonesian cartoonist Beng Rahadia, French cartoonist Emmanuel Lemaire, a member of AFD and a member of PTSMI, will chose the winners.  

Long-term action for the SDGs 

This action is part of the long-term cooperation between PTSMI and AFD for the development of the country, particularly as concerns environmental issues. 
AFD is supporting a project to model the trajectory of marine debris, implemented by IRD in partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Fisheries. During her visit in early June, Annick Girardin, took part in the launch of the Argos beacons, which will make it possible to monitor and model the drift of plastic debris at sea. 

In addition, AFD is a key partner for PTSMI in the implementation of sustainable development objectives in Indonesia. The first line of credit, signed in 2015, enabled the Indonesian institution to support projects (renewable energy, energy efficiency, water) that have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 250 000 tCO2eq per year and protect 1.5 million people from the effects of climate change.

These commitments are in line with the strategy of the IDFC (International Development Finance Club), a network of 26 development banks of which AFD and PT SMI are members, whose aim is to promote green finance worldwide.