10 years of the Syria crisis : AFD launches ”Karama”, a virtual exhibition to pay tribute to actors active on the ground in the Middle East

published on 29 March 2021
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10 years of the Syria crisis : AFD launches ”Karama”, a virtual exhibition to pay tribute to actors active on the ground in the Middle East
AFD is today launching the virtual exhibition "Karama: hand in hand to (re) build the future". A tribute to its partners dedicating their daily lives to improving the living conditions and preserving the dignity of the most vulnerable populations in the Middle East.

10 years after the start of the popular riots in Daraa, more than 5.6 million Syrians remain refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Along with the poorest in the host communities, these exiled populations face unemployment, limited income opportunities, deprivation and violations of their most basic rights.

In collaboration with AFD, the French-Syrian photo-reporter Ammar Abd Rabbo went to meet actors on the ground who work daily with refugees and host populations, victims of this long-lasting crisis. These 12 portraits highlight the women and men leading these projects, and harnessing their energy and convictions to set up refuge spaces for the common good. 

"This exhibition immerses us in the daily lives of AFD's partners. Their words, their journeys and their actions allow us to take stock of the concerns and needs - in the very short and long term - of vulnerable populations in the region", said Catherine Bonnaud, AFD Regional Director for the Middle East.

Over the past four years, AFD has allocated more than 200 million euros from the Minka Peace and Resilience Fund in the Middle East, to fund nearly 30 projects led by civil societies and institutions in these countries. AFD also manages 300 million euros delegated by the European Union (Facility for Refugees in Turkey, Madad Fund, etc.) and the Danish cooperation (Danida).

“As the fifth International Brussels Conference “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” is about to open, the Syria crisis remains a priority for France and for AFD. The Minka Fund supports initiatives promoting access for all to essential services and employment, whether they are mainly implemented by civil society, as it is the case in Lebanon, or by the authorities, as it is the case in Turkey and Jordan”, explains Jean-Bertrand Mothes, Manager of AFD's Fragilities, Crises and Conflicts Division.

The projects showcased in the exhibition are supported by the Minka Peace and Resilience Fund. Established in 2017, the Minka Fund is France’s instrument for combatting the weakening of States and societies. Implemented by AFD Group, Minka funds projects in areas affected by crisis and violent conflicts with one objective: peacebuilding. It operates in four areas, via four initiatives: Minka Sahel, Minka Lake Chad, Minka CAR and Minka Middle East. The Minka Middle East Initiative seeks to preserve the dignity of refugees, of internally displaced populations and their hosts, in a region facing a unprecedented displacement crisis since World War II.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the official website

Media Relations: Lara Fahs