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Agence Française de Développement (AFD) signs an MoU with TRACE Global and Senghor University,
Agence Française de Développement (AFD), TRACE Global and the Senghor University met in Johannesburg today to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. The three signatories will collaborate on a project to create a training pathway to develop and support the professionalization of the creative and cultural sector (CCI) in Africa. The project will also contribute to the professional integration of young people and women in the sector, and to address economic demand for jobs in the CCI sector in Africa.

The purpose of the MoU is to establish a partnership between Senghor University, TRACE and AFD Campus in order to support the development and professionalisation of the CCI sector in Africa through the co-construction, deployment and facilitation of a hybrid training programme (blended-learning) combining a distance learning component (digital modules) and a classroom component (seminars).

CCI actors operate in a rapidly changing context and face many challenges and barriers that limit the development of the sector, particularly on the African continent. While some of these obstacles are related to the environment, the ecosystem and public policies (national and local) related to the sector, others are more directly associated with the sector's leadership, management, project management and financing capacities. At a deeper level, the challenges of the sector and its potential for the development of territories are still poorly perceived. The implementation of an innovative and agile training programme that takes into account the historical and renewed potential of the CCI sector in Africa is essential in addressing these challenges. 

AFD's funding of €650k will cover a training course dedicated to the challenges of CCIs for the African continent development. The digital dimension of the course will be developed by TRACE Academia, the new e-learning app launched by the TRACE group, which offers free distance learning vocational training courses, covering a number of trades (plumbing, graphic design, secretarial work, etc.) The TRACE Academia project was partly made possible by the funding of a pilot phase via the FASEP (Private Sector Study and Support Fund) scheme.

The AFD Campus, together with Senghor University, will coordinate the design and deployment of the training course.

“AFD has a strong commitment to advancing the creative and cultural sector in Africa, through the technical assistance and the funding that we can offer. Cultural and creative industries (CCI) actors operate in a rapidly evolving context and face numerous challenges and obstacles that limit the development of the sector, particularly on the African continent. The proposed innovative and agile training programm design and deployed with the support of the AFD Campus, appears essential to help face these challenges. The complementarity of the 3 partners with expertise in the ICC sector and engineering innovative teaching will guarantee the success of this training course. We are proud to be a signatory to the partnership with Trace and Senghor University. The project goals are well aligned with AFD’s mandate and the Sustainable Development Goals, and we are happy to be part of such a motivated team.”, Carl Bernadac, Deputy director AFD Southern Africa

Senghor University, an international university of public interest, based in Egypt, and dedicated to African development through the training of highly skilled managers, is really very proud to be part of this coming adventure. Senghor University has been involved in the creative and cultural sector for almost thirty years. The project will accelerate our ability to deliver  up to date training, targeted at professionals : administrators, managers, and creators.  We look forward to learning more from the project, our partners and to offer the best learning experience to the African continent.", Thierry Verdel, Dean, Senghor University

As an actor of the creative industry and as a group dedicated to afro-urban culture and youth success, we are really excited to start working on this project, which is perfectly aligned with our DNA and our commitments. It’s an honor for us to be supported and recognised by both the AFD and Senghor University. We hope this is only the beginning of a long and rewarding partnership that will inspire and train the future talents of the continent’s cultural and creative industries.”, Olivier Laouchez, CEO of TRACE.

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