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Following a productive meeting between Madame Ureerat CHAREONTOH, Director-General of Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA), and Jérémie Pellet, Director-General of Expertise France, the dialogue between the two agencies has enhanced mutual understanding of respective priorities and activities.

The main objectives of this meeting were to emphasize the crucial role of Expertise France within the AFD Group, to continue the dialogue to identify new sectors and modalities for trilateral cooperation. Madame Ureerat CHAREONTOH presented TICA's mission and 4 key areas :

  • health
  • food
  • employment
  • energy and environment

Both parties emphasized the importance of continuing the dialogue. Prospects for cooperation were identified, especially in health, cybersecurity, combating human trafficking, digital transition, and inclusive development, which emphasizes the empowerment of youth, women and marginalized people.

Jérémie Pellet reiterated the operational modalities of Expertise France, ongoing projects, and geographical priorities. Specific meetings also took place with other TICA representatives to explore cooperation possibilities, especially in the health sector.

In conclusion, the discussions highlighted the richness of collaborations between TICA and the French Development Agency (AFD) and showcased the possibility of establishing enhanced dialogue with Expertise France, as part of AFD Group, to identify new cooperation opportunities. Expertise France positions itself as a key contributor to the realization of the triennial work plan for the cooperation program between AFD and TICA (2023 to 2025), with ongoing availability for regular and constructive dialogue.

This closer collaboration materialized with the signing of the work plan between AFD and TICA to identify actionable steps and incorporate Expertise France as a key partner within a technical dialogue framework.


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