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Appel à manifestation d’intention de projet OSC 2022
To support civil society organizations (CSOs) in the field of development and international solidarity, AFD is launching a new call for expressions of interest and project proposals for financing in 2024. The Call is for French CSOs and local CSOs in partner countries, and is open until 15 May 2023.

With Official Development Assistance prioritizing gender equality, climate and biodiversity, human rights and governance, as well as public health. In line with these themes, projects submitted to AFD must give priority to promoting and strengthening civil society actors in the countries of operation with whom French CSOs maintain a partnership. 

This call for projects (in French) fits in with the objectives of the 2018-2023 Strategy for Partnerships between AFD and CSOs, under the CSO Initiatives mechanism. It is also the result of a dialogue established by AFD with CSOs and the other stakeholders, including the Delegation for Relations with Civil Society and Partnerships of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. 

Main eligibility criteria:

  • Your project must help strengthen civil society and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Eligible local CSOs must have been financed at least once by AFD Group, directly or via a French partner
  • The total amount of your project for three years must be above or equal to €500,000 
  • The annual budget of your CSO must be above €230,000 
  • Your project must be located in a country on the list established by the OECD's Development Assistance Committee  
  • Projects for Education for Citizenship and International Solidarity and structuring the voluntary sector are also eligible

AFD co-finances your project for up to:

  • A maximum of 80% of the total budget for French CSOs
  • A maximum of 90% of the total budget for local CSOs

All the information about the Call for Expressions of Interest 2023 is available here (in French) 

Projects must be deposited online via the Oscar portal