[FEATURE] Africa-France: Youth take Center Stage at the Summit

published on 07 October 2021
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New Summit Africa-France
The New Africa-France Summit will be held on October 8, 2021 in Montpellier, France. This year the format is radically different: no heads of state will attend – with the exception of French President Emmanuel Macron – and it will be devoted exclusively to the youth of Africa and France. Their commitment to the future of the relationship between France and the African continent is crucial—a wide-ranging commitment in societies undergoing deep change in culture, sports, entrepreneurship, innovation, civic engagement, higher education, and research.

Montpellier will welcome hundreds of young entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, students, researchers, and other committed youth on Friday, October 8, as part of the New Africa-France Summit. Their task will be to work together to consider the prospects and concrete actions needed to renew a relationship that is resolutely turned towards the future. 

AFD and its private-sector subsidiary Proparco are actively involved in this summit alongside their African partners. Indeed, our Group’s priority is to support solutions driven by African youth, in particular by and for women—a policy in line with French President Emmanuel Macron’s Ouagadougou speech of November 28, 2017.

Since it was created 80 years ago, AFD Group has been not only a partner to Africa, but also its unfailing ally in France and in the international arena. Nearly 50% of its commitments are implemented in Africa, where AFD promotes actions to structure and foster new local and sustainable sectors. The foundation of this in-depth action is a relationship based on recognition and reciprocity. 

Its aim: to invest sustainably in Africa and with Africa, on this young and innovative continent, where the world of the future is being invented. This partnership is also being built along with French economic players and the African diasporas in France.

These far-reaching goals are materialized on an everyday basis, through the hundreds of programs we support in Africa. These represent a total of €4.9 billion of commitments in 2020—including €511 million for the G5 Sahel countries

Here is a brief selection of AFD Group’s actions, representative of the themes to be explored on October 8 in Montpellier.

Cultural and Creative Industries

Afrique Créative, Partnering Talents

Training in Africa’s Cultural and Creative Industries

Mobile Film Festival 2021: Africa on Set

In Côte d'Ivoire, a Fund to Boost Start-Ups in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Cultural and Creative Industries - 2020 Activity Report

Sports and Development

Five Projects to Bring Sport to Life in All Fields in the Run Up to Paris 2024

Championnes: Football for Gender Equality in Africa

Launching a Call for “Sports and Health” Projects Supported by AFD and Fifa

Sports and Development - 2019-2020 Activity Report

Entrepreneurship / Innovation

Digital Africa: Seed Funds for Start-ups

Covid-19: €1 Billion More for Small African Businesses

The Great Green Wall: Restoring Land in Africa

The Meriem Project: Driving Business Innovation in the Fight Against Malnutrition in the Sahel

Youth & Civic Engagement

World Contraception Day: Supporting the Youth in Niger

Tunisia: Facilitating Access to Water and Women’s Empowerment

Research & Education

AFD “Macrodev” Publication: Africa’s Financing Needs in Question