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Forest in Turkey
A photo exhibition shows the ten-year cooperation between Turkish and French actors for sustainable forest management.

From June 1 to 18 visitors to Istanbul can discover the collaborative work caught in photos, in an exhibition at the French Institute of Turkey, near Taksim Square. The exhibition is also on display at the Turkish Forestry Directorate (OGM) in Ankara.

With nearly 29% of its land, or 22.9 million hectares covered with trees, Turkey is one of the most forested countries on the European mainland. Due to its position at the confluence of three continents, the country hosts a particularly rich biodiversity. And the forest areas are expected to grow. The Turkish government has committed to a policy aimed at increasing forest cover to 30% of the country's total land cover by 2023.

Istanbul forest photo expo
© Cécile Bégard / AFD

Since 2011, AFD has supported Turkey's investment in its forests thanks to loans (total €600 million) and technical cooperation between the OGM and its French counterpart the National Forestry Office (ONF). Turkish and French experts exchange their expertise in reforestation, avalanche control, pest control, adaptation of forest management to climate change, biodiversity protection and forest inventory.

The photo exhibition provides a window into this entire collaboration, which has resulted in the planting or rehabilitation of more than one million hectares of forests over 10 years.