Increase of AFD 2020 funding plan

published on 24 September 2020
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The board of directors of the French Agency for Development met the 17th of September 2020 under the presidency of Mme Laurence Tubiana. 

During the session, the board approved the revised funding program for 2020, which now accounts for 10 billion euros, against 8.5 billion euros authorized in January. This increase is the result of the Agency’s efforts to support its counterparts facing new needs due to the health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The EMTN program issues will cover the funding requirements. In accordance to its commitment to the market and the market conditions, the French Agency for Development will adjust its bond issues in an investor friendly fashion. AFD is committed to providing liquidity to investors by focusing on benchmark size issues within the limit of 2 bn per bond. 

In a very near future, the AFD will communicate about its new SDG Framework, which objective is to promote the convergence between the treasury activities and the 2030 agenda promoted by the UN.

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