The Private Sector's Role in Protecting Biodiversity

published on 24 March 2021
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Proparco biodiversity
Along with climate change, the collapse of biodiversity is the most urgent environmental issue of the decade. AFD Group’s subsidiary for financing the private sector, Proparco has just released the latest issue of its magazine Private Sector & Development. It focuses on the role the private sector can play in preserving biodiversity.

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) reports that our ecosystems are suffering unprecedented pressure. Significant signs of degradation can be found in 75% of land environments and 40% of marine environments.

Read and download the magazine Private Sector & Development

That’s why Proparco chose to devote the most recent issue of its magazine Private Sector & Development to biodiversity and to the role the private sector can play in preserving it.

Whether it’s agriculture, tourism, renewable energies, or new technologies, all spheres of business activity face this issue of preserving biodiversity. To mitigate its impact, the private sector is now launching numerous initiatives that aim to protect and restore ecosystems. What’s more, the private sector views this issue as much as a responsibility as an opportunity.

Tiphaine Leménager, Biodiversity Project Manager at AFD, and Chloée Michelet, Environmental and Social Specialist at Proparco, present the main topics of the current issue in this video.

In this issue, around 20 researchers and leaders of businesses, foundations, and NGOs talk about some of these inspiring initiatives, backed up with examples and key figures.

You can also read about the relationship among the general public, the private sector and civil society; the private sector’s role in financing to preserve biodiversity; and steps to make businesses become more involved in restoring natural environments.

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