Adapt'Action: Working together to tackle climate change

AFD is assisting the most vulnerable countries with their climate change mitigation/adaptation policies
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Following the Paris Climate Agreement, AFD has launched Adapt’Action to support countries seeking technical assistance for the institutional, methodological and operational implementation of their commitments to the fight against climate change.

With an objective of EUR 30m over a 4-year period, Adapt’Action will support 15 countries with a priority focus on Africa, the least developed countries (LDCs), and small island developing States (SIDS), which are among the most vulnerable countries to climate change.

Making the Paris Agreement operational

The challenge now lies in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted by 163 countries, following COP21. These NDCs refer to the concrete commitments made by the countries concerned in their fight against climate change.

The Adapt’Action program aims to bring about climate projects that can be financed by AFD and international climate finance. Priority is given to adaptation to the impacts of climate change, a field for which the most vulnerable countries have expressed a specific need for assistance. 

Operating at several levels

Adapt’Action is based on three areas of operation:

  • Support for “climate” capacity building and governance for the consolidation, implementation and supervision of the NDCs;
  • Support for a better integration of the commitments made in the NDCs into sectoral public policies, particularly in the field of adaptation to climate change;
  • Support for the preparation of structural programs in the field of adaptation to climate change.

In November 2017, six identification missions were conducted to determine the first beneficiary countries of Adapt’Action: the Comoros, Niger, the Dominican Republic, Tunisia, Madagascar and Mauritius. These missions analyzed the specific vulnerabilities to climate change of each of these six countries, identified the priority sectors, and prepared potential areas for action with them.

Furthermore, projects that are eligible to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund are already being appraised in the Comoros, Mauritius, Tunisia and Madagascar. Nine additional countries are being considered for 2018, while continuing the ongoing work with our first six partners, the details of which are given below.