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In a context of deterioration of the Lebanese health system, AFD, trough Minka Peace and resilience fund, has decided to intervene to ensure the provision of quality and sustainable health care to Lebanese and refugee populations in 10 primary health care centers accredited by the Ministry of Public Health in the country's eight governorates. AFD has been financing the implementation of this 12 million euro project since 2020 and over a period of three years. The project is being implemented by a consortium of NGOs represented by Première Urgence Internationale, with the support of Médecins du Monde and the association Amel International, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health. The project has three objectives: to improve access to primary health care for 200,000 vulnerable people (subsidizing the costs of consultations and laboratory and imaging tests); to support the centers to improve the quality of services, the management of the drug supply chain and increase their capacity; and to consolidate inter-community social cohesion through the centers. More specifically, the project pays special attention to vulnerable people (elderly, disabled, children and youth) and to gender issues. The Boulghourjian center is a good example since it contributes to gender equality in several aspects: dedicated care (prevention and early screening, especially in gynecology, and information sessions); the center is attended by a majority of women (55% of consultations) and 85% of the medical and paramedical staff are women.


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