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Renforcement de la Commission du film du Cambodge - Image -
This project aims to enhance Cambodia’s attractiveness as a host for foreign cinematographic and audio-visual productions, which in turn will support the country’s economic development.

The Cambodia Film Commission (CFC) was created with funding from AFD between 2009 and 2014 to promote the country as an attractive place for foreign films. Moreover, it ensures that production teams are welcomed and that Cambodian technicians in cinema and television receive training. The commission has become a key player in this respect, but its financial and legal sustainability is not yet fully assured. The CFC team needs to be strengthened and to have a closer relationship with audio-visual professionals, while being responsive to the ministry that oversees it, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. In the medium term, the creation of a regional film hub could be envisaged.


This grant will ensure the legal and financial sustainability of the CFC. It also supports the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts in the process of structuring this sector by creating an organisation that brings together active professionals in the field. In addition, this grant will allow CFC to expand regionally, e.g. increasing cooperation with Laos.


AFD aims to continue its support for the film sector through this new financing. The film sector represents a cultural asset as well as a modern and flourishing economic sector. By making the country attractive as a filming location, CFC has demonstrated its effectiveness in terms of job creation and impacts on the tourism sector, which is Cambodia’s main source of foreign exchange.

Report on CFC’s activity since its creation:

  • Support for more than 600 filming projects;
  • Training of more than 4,476 local technicians;
  • The total economic advantage from its activities is estimated at more than US$30 million.
Project start date
Project end date
5 ans
Duration of funding
Phnom Penh
Financing tool
1 500 000
Financing amount
Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts