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The “completion of the North power grid” is part of the objective for the full electrification of the North of Grande Terre by connecting the municipalities of Pouebo, Ouégoa and Poum to the interconnected grid. This project is supported by AFD, with the aim of allowing all New Caledonians to have access to a good quality electricity supply.

Enercal, a central player in New Caledonia’s power system, has a mandate to provide all New Caledonians with access to a good quality electricity supply, in fair conditions and on the basis of uniform tariffs. However, in 2008, the northern municipalities of Grande Terre, which are rural and with a low density, were supplied by stand-alone thermal systems and were therefore excluded from the general grid. Some households were not electrified at all.

Consequently, back in 2008, the company launched a full electrification program for the North, which first of all planned a “completion of the North”, then subsequently an improvement in the network in order to gradually provide populations with access to more sustainable electrification methods


The extensive “completion of the North” program comprised the construction of four sections of a 33,000-volt line totaling 80 km. These lines have completed New Caledonia’s general “medium-voltage” interconnected grid and connected the municipalities of Pouebo, Ouegoa and Poum to the grid.

The initial works were launched with equity from Enercal, which subsequently benefited from AFD financing. The works to connect households (distribution part) were cofinanced by the State, the North province and New Caledonia via the Rural Electrification Fund (REF), in which AFD has been participating since it was set up in 1983.

Project start date
Project end date
13 years
Duration of funding
province Nord de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (communes de Pouebo, Ouégoa, et Poum)
1 177 000 000
CFP soit
9 900 000
Financing amount
SAEM Enercal (New Caledonian Energy Company)