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Patrimoine naturel et culturel, Hezhou, Chine
The municipality of Hezhou in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous province is home to a wealth of natural and cultural heritage. The recent increase in tourism has improved living conditions for residents but has created several urban and environmental problems. AFD is supporting a project with a balanced approach to enhancing this heritage, making Hezhou more attractive while preserving the ecosystems.

Hezhou possesses significant natural and cultural wealth, including Gupo Mountain, located 26km northeast of the city center, part of which has been officially classified as a national forest park due to its abundant biodiversity. Surrounded by karst mountains, the historic town of Huangyao offers remarkable architectural heritage, including more than 300 traditional houses. The recent increase in tourism, while offering a source of development, has led to many challenges: overly concentrated tourist flows, excessive pressure on natural sites, pollution of rivers, lack of consistency in the urban fabric, and risk of museumizing the town center.


AFD is providing local authorities with financial and technical support. The project is focused on three major sites, with the following objectives:

  • Restore and enhance the cultural and historical heritage of Huangyao, improve the water quality of the Yao River, and develop Gejiang Hill;

  • Preserve and develop Gupo Mountain: increase and diversify tourism flows, and preserve mountain forest ecosystems;

  • Develop and manage the geological and cultural heritage of Jade Forest.

The project will also include a number of measures aimed at reducing the vulnerability of the sites to the effects of climate change. These actions will include reforestation and reducing fire risks, integrating sponge concepts in the restoration of quays and riverbanks, energy efficiency measures in the renovation of traditional buildings, and optimization of carrying capacities for the sites. Technical expertise will also be provided in the areas of biodiversity conservation and heritage protection.

  • A balance between developing natural and cultural heritage and preserving ecosystems.

  • Development of ecotourism, which will reduce pressure on natural sites and ensure a better distribution of income.

  • Increased urban attractiveness and job creation.

Project start date
Hezhou, Chine
Financing tool
50 000 000
Financing amount
Hezhou Tourism Group

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