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Améliorer l’accès à l’eau potable dans les bidonvilles de Dacca, Bangladesh
The Government of Bangladesh is committed to providing access to safe drinking water for Dhaka’s entire population. With the support of the European Union, AFD is contributing to this objective by providing its support to the water authority for the installation of 3,000 connections in the capital’s informal settlements.

Although it may be surrounded by five rivers and despite the presence of numerous canals, ponds and basins, the Bangladeshi capital faces a major drinking water supply problem. The city’s very strong demographic growth leads to a constant increase in demand.

The collective network managed by the Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) covers only half the population, marginalizing informal settlements, which are harder to serve but where nearly 30 percent of its 17 million inhabitants live.

Illegal connections are multiplying but do not ensure access to quality water, while also causing the deterioration of sanitary conditions and network performance.


The project aims to install 3,000 connections in underprivileged areas of Dhaka. The work has been entrusted to NGOs with experience in the water sector and with local roots – mini-grids are built within the slums and then connected to the DWASA network. The population is empowered to pay bills and maintain the facilities, ensuring the project’s sustainability. The NGOs commit themselves to remain present 4 years after the work has been implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

In addition, technical assistance is provided to DWASA through logistical and human support to the unit in charge of these social programs, along with vocational training. Consultants are also mobilized to support DWASA in developing a financial model that will enable it to better manage its operations and investments.

  • Access to drinking water for 250,000 inhabitants and improved sanitary conditions for the people
  • Promotion of a sustainable and reproducible economic model for drinking water supply in slums
  • Better management of its network and reduction of unbilled water for DWASA
  • Professionalization of the water authority with regard to its activities in informal settlements
Project start date
4 years
Duration of funding
5 000 000
Financing amount
DWASA (Dhaka Water & Sewerage Authority)

The content of this project information sheet falls under the sole responsibility of the AFD and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Union.