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Water treatment plant, Moengo, Suriname
The project contributes to the welfare of Suriname’s growing urban population through the supply of safe drinking water, based on sustainable water resource management.

Suriname benefits from abundant water resources, with an availability of 230 000 m³ per capita per year. However, the supply of drinking water depends mainly on groundwater resources, coming mostly from confined aquifers that are not rechargeable.  

The drinking water supply in the main urban centers is managed by the public company N.V. Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM). Suriname has achieved the Millennium Development Goals in terms of access to drinking water with SWM supplying 98% of the population. Yet, it is necessary to prepare a response to the challenges the country is facing regarding water supply: accommodate the growing demand for drinking water and make the transition towards sustainable water resources management. 

The issue of drainage and sanitation is also critical in the context of the urban demographic growth of the country. Currently, wastewaters are drained through open-air channels and discharged into the environment. The impacts on the Environment and Health must be taken into account.


The project consists of two components:

  • Water Supply System Improvement. This component will consist in new production and distribution capacity in Paramaribo and Moengo. The capacity of the largest production site in Paramaribo will double (2,000 m3 per hour), bridging the gap between water supply and demand in the Paramaribo region. As a complement to this investment, a centralized SCADA system will be also set up.  In Moengo, the only surface water treatment plant of the country will be replaced and its capacity restored to 200 m3 per hour. The new plant will also supply water to new surrounding villages.
  • Strategic Water Supply Planning. In the wake of the significant adjustments that are carried out in the water sector organization, the update of strategic planning tools is necessary, including the update of Suriname Water Supply Master Plan for the Coastal Area, the elaboration of a precise financial analysis of the sector, and associated awareness-raising campaign. Finally, an integrated approach of the water cycle would be conducted with a focus on wastewater in Paramaribo and in Moengo.
  • Sustainable improvement of drinking water supply in both urban and rural areas
  • Contribution to the transition towards sustainable water resources management
  • Improvement of living and health conditions for the new users of the water service in newly connected villages
  • Strengthening of Suriname Water Sector
Project start date
Paramaribo, Lelydorp, Moengo, Ricanaumofo, Abadoekondre
16 000 000
Financing amount
Ministry of Public Works

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