The project aims to improve the standard of living for 140,000 smallholders located in three northern sectors of the Delta by modernizing the irrigation and management system for crops on plots.

It is essential to modernize plot irrigation in the Nile Delta, which is the country’s main traditional agricultural and irrigation area: firstly, because any project aiming to save and make better use of water is strategic for Egypt, whose water resources are limited and where the population is increasing. In addition, it is in rural areas that there are the highest levels of poverty – and the fight against poverty is also a priority issue for the Government.


This project has four components: Modernization of quaternary irrigation networks (marwa), mainly by installing collective electric pumps and laying underground low-pressure PVC pipes to replace individual pumps and ditches. Reinforcement of the low and medium-voltage power grid – allowing a changeover from diesel pumps to electric pumps, which are more efficient, cheaper to use and less polluting. Plot improvements: laser levelling, deep tilling, improvers for clay soils, etc. – in order to increase productivity. Increase in advice to farmers and support to the contracting authority: implementation of training and technical assistance in order to improve irrigation management and farmers’ agricultural practices, and build the capacities of the contracting authority and its various structures.


This project will eventually: Increase farm incomes for 140,000 families by improving yields, with crops with higher added value, and reducing irrigation costs. Improve the efficiency of water use on 200,000 feddans (84,000 ha) by capitalizing on the investments that have already previously been made in the project area, thanks to a reduction of network losses and an improvement in agricultural practices. Alternative uses can be made of the water saved: irrigation of new land and/or domestic and industrial use. Provide more equitable access to good quality irrigation water throughout a given quaternary network. Build the technical and managerial capacities of farmers in the Northern Delta.

Project start date
35 000 000
Financing amount
Arab Republic of Egypt