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Irrigation, Égypte
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This map is for illustrative purposes only and does not engage the responsibility of the AFD Group
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  • Climate
  • Employment and Shared Prosperity
  • Energy
  • Global Partnerships
  • Hunger and Food Security
  • Infrastructures
  • Poverty
  • Reduce Inequalities
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Water and Sanitation

Funding type

  • Grant
  • Loan
  • Non Sovereign Concessional Loan
  • Non Sovereign Non Concessional Loan
  • Sovereign Concessional Loan


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Research document

The effectiveness of an environmental credit line in Egypt: Synergies between market incentive and binding regulations

Among the many embodiments of the global sustainable development project, “green finance” is gaining ground and profile. Designed to both avoid investments with a negative environmental impact and make investments ...
Sep 2016
Research document

Philanthropy in the Arab World

This paper is an introduction to the current status of philanthropic giving in the Arab Countries. The paper is based upon previous research of the authors, mainly the PhD thesis ...
Oct 2017
Research document

Privatization and Regulatory Reform in the Middle East and North Africa Area

During the nineties, the globalization of telecommunications imposed a model of development based on the suppression of public monopolies, leading to international competition and the privatization of public telecommunication operators. ...
Jun 2008
Research document

Euro-Med Growth and Trade Integration: can we talk of a cost of the non-Mediterranean?

Ce papier revisite le débat sur l’intégration euro-méditerranéenne en reconsidérant son impact observé et attendu sur la croissance économique des pays du sud et ...
Nov 2013