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Egypt - Strategy to 2025

“AFD Group’s country strategy for Egypt up to 2025” builds on the initiative’s bilateral agreements and dialogue process to present a vision of the partnership that is capable to align AFD Group’s sustainable development objectives and actions with the Egyptian government’s sustainable development priorities laid out in “Egypt Vision 2030”.

In line with AFD Group’s North Africa Regional Strategy (2020–2024), the document reflects the Group’s strong commitment to mainstream principles and objectives of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement into its financial activity planning for Egypt’s sustainable development.

Since 2006, AFD Group has built a solid and comprehensive portfolio of € 3.1 billion to assist Egypt in responding to the challenges of economic development and climate change control. AFD Group’s action will develop along three main pillars: 

  • supporting the integration of Egyptian financial, trade and industrial systems at the regional and continental level;
  • supporting the development of network and social infrastructure at the national level;
  • and promoting fair and environment-friendly territorial development at local level.
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