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The size of Turkey’s forests makes it the largest forest country in the Southern Mediterranean (27% of the national territory). It is bearing the brunt of the impacts related to climate change in the region. AFD is supporting reforestation and restoration actions with French forestry expertise.

The impacts due to climate change are related to the industrial and urban development brought about by buoyant economic growth. In Turkey, they lead to the regular degradation of forest environments and erosion among the highest in the world. The effects of these anthropogenic factors on forests are today exacerbated by the impacts of climate change. Indeed, global warming is particularly marked in the Mediterranean region.

Faced with these risks, since 2008, Turkey has been implementing a highly proactive reforestation policy. The Turkish Directorate General of Forests (DGF) has consequently set the target of reaching a forest cover of 23 million ha by 2023 (30% of the territory), and is implementing a proactive reforestation policy which makes it one of the most active countries in this field at international level. AFD has been supporting this ambitious program since 2011. A second EUR 150m loan, signed in 2014, is contributing to the investments made by the Turkish Directorate General of Forests.


In 2011, AFD allocated a first EUR 150m loan to the Turkish Treasury alongside EIB. A support grant has allowed a bilateral technical cooperation program to be set up between DGF and NFO (National Forestry Office). Over 90% of the objectives of this first operation, which focuses on forest restoration actions and the fight against erosion or fire risks, have been achieved. This performance is related to the strong implementation capacities of Turkey’s DGF.

This second EUR 150m of financing was signed between AFD and the Turkish Treasury in 2014. This support strengthens Franco-Turkish bilateral relations over an extremely important environmental issue in the Mediterranean region. AFD, via its financing and technical cooperation, is allowing the Turkish Directorate General of Forests (DGF) to conduct activities for :

  • The reforestation and restoration of degraded forests ;
  • The entry of the entire forest sector into the land register ;
  • The development of the geographical information system ;
  • Support for the investment for forest village populations ;
  • The fight against erosion ;
  • Avalanche risk control.

This project will contribute to :

  • The reforestation of some 380,000 ha ;
  • The restoration of some 310,000 ha of degraded forests ;
  • Erosion control works for over 650,000 ha.

It also supports DGF’s efforts to develop its forest management model from an approach mainly based on timber production towards an integration of the many goods and services rendered by forests from an economic and social perspective. AFD is consequently supporting the multifunctional development of over 36,000 ha, as well as the carrying out of inventories of forest biodiversity. The project promotes the sustainable development of territories and includes a specific component to support income-generating activities for communities living in or around forests, and which account for 10% of the poorest in the country. These actions are expected to generate over 50,000 rural jobs.

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