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 French-German Cooperation in Iraq: 15 Million Euros Grant provided by France to Strengthen Water and Sanitation Services in the Dohuk Governorate
The project supports the authorities of the governorate of Dohuk to strengthen water and sanitation services and organize efficiently and sustainably the delivery of these services to the host population, to the internally displaced Iraqis and to the Syrian refugees who have cohabited since 2012 in the governorate.

The project is part of the approach developed by AFD to optimize the impact of its actions in contexts of chronic crisis, which is the case of Iraq.

The observation made by the majority of institutional actors is that the internally displaced and refugee populations residing in the governorate of Dohuk, inside or outside the camps, will stay in Dohuk in the medium term. The emergency measures which led to the establishment of the camps must then be rethought by planning for the long term, taking into account environmental issues.

Water and sanitation services, impacted by a massive influx of people and requiring increased human and financial resources, are at the heart of these challenges.


The project is part of a broader program - ConNex - to improve public services for vulnerable people in Education, Health and Water in Dohuk. The Water component, with its 3 outputs, is cofunded with the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ):

  • Water and Sanitation Services, financed by AFD. Measures will be set up to improve or rehabilitate existing public infrastructure with a specific objective to renovate sanitation facilities in schools and introduce to the fit-for-school approach, and infrastructure will be supported to become more sustainable.
  • Capacity Development of public authorities, financed by AFD. Actions will be taken to support better management and efficient use of the water resources. Public awareness about the importance of water conservation will be raised.
  • Water policies, financed by BMZ. The objective is to implement Key Performance Indicators to advise public water institutions in organizational reforms and better coordination.

The project will strengthen the skills of the public authorities. Furthermore, 500,000 people will benefit from improved access to water and sanitation and 60,000 students will benefit from improved access to sanitation in schools.

Project start date
3 years
Duration of funding
Dohuk Governorate
Financing tool
15 000 000
Financing amount
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)