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The Magenta residence, which comprises 844 housing units, has been home to 2,500 people since 1974, i.e. the size of a medium-sized city in New Caledonia. The refurbishment program started in 2008 aims to restore the residence’s attractiveness.

When it was set up, the New Caledonia Housing Company (SIC) inherited over 2,000 housing units, most built between 1966 and 1974, at the time of the first nickel boom. These housing developments began to benefit from a number of renewal programs starting in the 2000s. However, SIC rapidly realized that is was necessary to consider the future of each of these residences.

This reflection led to the implementation of a Strategic Heritage Plan in 2010, for 2011-2015, for a total amount of FCFP 5bn (EUR 42m), which provided for an urban renewal program for the most isolated and dilapidated residences and an advanced refurbishment program for the others.


The Magenta residence is of a relatively high standard and was, until recently, quite attractive. However, the dilapidated state of the housing units and lack of large-scale refurbishment make it more difficult to maintain a social mix. In addition to the usual wear of facilities, there is today material deterioration and insecurity. This renewal program, which is entering into its second phase, provides for :

  • The refurbishment of some 500 housing units: 70 housing units a year ;
  • The outside developments, such as the redevelopment of roads, the conversion of garden levels into residential units, and the redevelopment of green spaces ;
  • The replacement of 26 elevators and the implementation of a separate use for 8 elevators for the tallest buildings ;
  • Increased security in the lobbies ;
  • The installation of 800 solar water heaters ;
  • An improvement in health and safety services.

This program should :

  • Fight against the “ghettoization” of SIC’s largest residential neighborhood, located in the city center of Nouméa ;
  • Participate in the development of a city policy and change the way people view social housing.
Project start date
600 000 000
CFP soit
5 000 000
Financing amount
Société Immobilière de Nouvelle-Calédonie (SIC)