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The Mangla Power Plant support project aims at expanding the plant's power generation capacity by mobilizing Pakistan's renewable energy potential.

Given the country's growing power consumption, Pakistan is facing a supply shortfall as just 12% of its recoverable hydropower capacity is being tapped. As a result, the national authorities decided to narrow the gap between supply and demand and the cost of producing electricity. The renovation of the Mangla hydropower plant, the third largest power plant in the country, will help achieve these objectives.


The project consists of increasing the Mangla power plant's production capacity by replacing its 6 oldest generation units. These will be sized to the fall height associated with the raising of the dam. All the plant's hydro-mechanical, electromechanical and electrical equipment and control rooms will be renovated and, finally, limited civil engineering works will increase the plant's production capacity to 1.2 GW.

  • Improvement of individual well-being through the provision of electricity and its positive effects on the economy.
  • Contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Capacity-building of the contracting authority.
Project start date
Financing tool
90 000 000
Financing amount
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Pakistani Population