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Un centre de formation pour développer les compétences en hydroélectricité à Mangla
Pakistan suffers from a lack of skills in the hydroelectric power sector. With the establishment of this training centre, aimed at becoming a centre of excellence in hydropower in Pakistan, this project will help to address the gap in skills of engineers and technicians in this sector.

Pakistan is experiencing a severe structural crisis in the energy sector, which is hampering the country's development. Hydropower is currently the most economical solution to the crisis. WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority), the main public operator in charge of hydropower, suffers from a lack of skills due to the gradual retirement of its experienced engineers and technicians. WAPDA has a hydropower training centre in Mangla, the Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI). The training centre is the country's only centre to offer training in hydropower. Inaugurated in 1977, it is now obsolete, both with regard to the condition of its buildings, the quality of its equipment and the content of its curricula.


This project benefits from funds delegated by the European Union under the AIF (Asia Investment Facility) and consists of two parts:

  • Construction of the training centre (HPTI): Located near the Mangla-Dina Road, the new building will be equipped with a conference room, library and adapted laboratories, classrooms and living areas. Designed with the help of an architect, the centre will incorporate technical education-related concerns, but also environmental and social concerns: landscaping and gardens, thermal and sound insulation, use of local materials, access for disabled persons, etc.
  • Technical assistance: The work of a multidisciplinary AFD project team has enabled the development of this framework of intervention in close collaboration with WAPDA. The services of a consulting firm were provided in early 2013 with a funding of 140,000 Euros from AFD to estimate HPTI's training needs, the centre's design and architecture, the definition of the training equipment and the establishment of HPTI's Business Plan. Technical assistance was also provided for the revision of the training programmes offered and the initial training of trainers.


  • Establishment of a national Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI) with the latest training equipment and an online training corpus meeting international standards
  • 500 people per year (sector players, students, private trainees) benefitting from training offered by the institute.
  • Positive impact on the hydropower sector: Improved management and maintenance of existing and future infrastructure and better consideration of environmental and social aspects and adaptation to climate change.


Project start date
Project end date
Duration of funding
2 500 000
Financing amount
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The content of this project information sheet falls under the sole responsibility of the AFD and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Union.