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agriculture, ESSOR, mozambique, ONG
AFD is supporting a project by the French NGO ESSOR to develop sustainable urban and peri-urban farming in Maputo and outlying areas.

Mozambique, and in particular its capital Maputo, is very dependent on imports to meet the food needs of its people. In this context, urban and peri-urban farming is a major strategic activity from a food security, economic and social point of view. However, the economic and environmental efficiency of this type of agriculture is limited by the weakness of producers’ organizations and the support capacity of public institutions.


The project aims to increase the skills of producers, their organizations and supporting institutions by promoting agro-ecological farming. More specifically, 30 producer organizations will be benefit from:

  • Support to the development and implementation of an institutional development plan, training of member organization in democratic and transparent management;
  • Support to drafting statuses for the organizations;
  • Training farmers of member organizations in new, more sustainable agricultural production practices;
  • Vocational training of 100 unemployed young people aged 18 to 30 who wish to start a farming activity;
  • Technical support to farmers and their organizations to develop small investment projects geared towards more sustainable practices;
  • Support to the marketing of agricultural products;
  • Logistical and methodological support for the creation of a consultation forum on the policy to support to urban and peri-urban farming. This forum will bring together all the public and private institutions involved in the development of urban and peri-urban farming in Maputo and Matola.
  • Contribution to the preservation of the environment and public health by promoting more sustainable urban farming;
  • Increased skills and capacities of public and private actors in the agricultural sector, better coordination in the implementation of their actions;
  • Contribution to the reduction of urban poverty through increased income for farmers, especially those working in the agro-ecological sector.
Project start date
Project end date
3 years
Duration of funding
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478 784
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