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Strengthening the resilience of coastal communities around the Palu Bay Area, Indonesia
AFD is supporting a project led by CCFD-terre solidaire, a French NGO, to help the population in areas affected by the September 2018 tsunami to strengthen their resilience and accelerate their recovery. This project will directly target vulnerable areas and populations.

In September 2018, a 7.4 Richter scale earthquake and the subsequent tsunami have devastated the north of Donggala and northwest of Palu in Central Sulawesi: more than 2,000 people have died, 12,500 have been injured, and at least 1,300 have been reported missing. About 68,000 houses were damaged and 78 commercial buildings and 265 schools were destroyed. Fishermen and salt producers were the most affected. According to the fishermen’s association, in the city of Palu alone,300 out of 700 fish workers lost their boats and fishing gear and have not yet found their source of income.


The project led by CCFD-Terre solidaire and KIARA, an Indonesian NGO, will be implemented in Palu City, district of Donggala and Sigi. This project envisages a
more global, inclusive and holistic approach which will not only look at the economic restoration and strengthening, but also at structural deeper causes which will
become the basis to develop an inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction based on the community, also using traditional knowledge and tradition.

The project will achieve the following results:

  • Strengthen the coastal communities and restore their economic systems
  • Promote and implement a new community traditional knowledge-based approach of Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Influence other stakeholders (media, government and other NGOs) on the purpose and the practices of the program.
  • Restauration of income and livelihood of the 650 targeted households
  • Replantation of the mangrove for the 8 targeted villages to reduce the impact of a possible future tsunami in the villages
  • Adoption of a policy by the local government to restrict mangrove exploitation and promote an active replanting scheme of mangroves
  • 14,000 people sensitised to tsunami response.
Project start date
Palu City
Financing tool
1 000 000
Financing amount
Palu City