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Améliorer la formation des jeunes Vietnamiens pour répondre aux nouveaux besoins de l’industrie - Image -
This is the second AFD project in the vocational training sector. This project aims to renovate five schools using both tangible and intangible investment (construction, equipment and technical assistance), in order for these institutions to become centres of excellence and to enable high-quality training based on the French model.

In 2017, the population of Vietnam was 93.7 million people. The labour force is estimated at about 48.2 million, and is increasing by more than 500,000 persons per year. According to the General Statistics Office, labour output in Vietnam was worth US$10,232 per head in 2017 based on PPP (purchasing power parity) for the year 2011, about 7.2% that of Singapore, 18.4% of Malaysia; 36.2 % of Thailand; 43% of Indonesia; and 55% of the Philippines. Improving labour productivity is a major objective to maintain Vietnam’s competitiveness.


The project funds five training centres, three of which will become ‘Centres of Excellence’ abiding by international and regional standards (ASEAN). Thanks to this
project, equipment has been purchased that suits the needs of the labour market, a building has been built (e-building at Lilama 2 College) and trainers and school
managers have benefited from capacity building.
Six training courses have been developed: welding, metal-cutting, industrial electricity, automobile mechanics, technicians for installing radiotelecommunications equipment and fibre-optics networks technicians.
The €500,000 grant has enabled long-term expert support for the Project Management Unit using ODA funds for vocational training (PMU), in the General Department of Education and Vocational Training (DVET).


The project lays the foundations for bringing centres of excellence closer to businesses for the construction of new programmes.
Schools benefit from:
• Supply of high-performance teaching equipment;
• Adaptation and transfer of French highly qualified technician programmes;
• Management capacity building;
• Teacher training;
• Construction of a building that is exemplary in terms of energy (for Lilama 2 College in Dong Nai Province).

Project start date
Project end date
20 ans
Duration of funding
Vinh Phuc, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Dung Quat, Dong Nai
25 000 000
Financing amount
Five vocational training schools