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Massif de Changbai en Chine
The project aims to improve water and sanitation infrastructure for the growing population of Jiangyuan district in Baishan, located in Jilin province, and protect valuable water resources in the Changbai mountains.

The city of Baishan is located in the Changbai mountains, at the source of two of northeast China’s major rivers. Jilin province, where the city is located, is under recurring water stress.

The province has long been dominated by heavy industry and has committed to restructuring its economic activities. It is also experiencing rapid urban growth. This has led to a need for major investments in water and sanitation infrastructure that had to meet two objectives: support the growth in urban demand and preserve the region’s increasingly fragile water resources.


The first objective of the project supported by AFD is to increase water production and treatment capacities to meet the growing demand of Jiangyuan district, home to 250,000 people. A new water treatment plant with an initial capacity of 20,000 m3 per day will supply the urban area.

A water loss reduction program will be implemented, and improved wastewater and sewage sludge treatment will help to protect the environment and reduce pollution sources. The project will therefore upgrade the Jiangyuan wastewater treatment plant (capacity of 20,000 m3 per day) and build infrastructure for wastewater reuse.

A sewage sludge treatment plant will also be built to receive sewage sludge from district plants and two water treatment plants will be built in the towns of Shiren and Wangou.

  • Improvement of water and sanitation services for inhabitants;
  • Protection of valuable water resources in the Changbai mountains;
  • Enhanced resilience of the territory and reduced vulnerability of inhabitants to climate change.
Project start date
20 years
Duration of funding
Jiangyuan (Jilin)
Financing tool
26 000 000
Financing amount
Jiangyuan District Urban Construction and Investment Company