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Albina Hospital, Suriname, health, healthcare
In 2008, AFD approved €16,1M to improve the healthcare system of Suriname and support hospital collaboration between Suriname and French Guiana.

Suriname and French Guiana shares a border of almost 520 km which is materialized by the Marowijne river. Along the Surinamese side of the border, healthcare facilities are in great need of renovation, some are under-equipped or with outdated equipment, resulting in the French hospital of Saint-Laurent du Maroni, acting as a referral hospital for a significant part of the population living in Eastern Suriname.

However, the relations between Suriname and its French neighbor in the field of health are not limited to migration issues. Both territories are faced with the same health concerns, such as epidemic disease that are widespread in the border region. 

This situation calls for a deeper cooperation to increase the responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing disease transmission. The implementation of common strategies with regard to epidemiological surveillance, increase of communication between health authorities and providers, and even pooling  of resources should be addressed to improve the health conditions of the people living on both banks of the border. 


The Project will finance an investment program and bilateral cooperation activities:

  • Improving access to secondary care for the population living in the eastern region. A rural hospital of 40 beds and basic medical functions will be built in Albina for the benefit of the population of Marowijne district, i.e. about 25,000. 
  • Upgrading capacities of referral hospitals. Part of the essential medical equipment of the Academic and Diakonessenhuis hospitals, the two main referral hospitals in Paramaribo will be replaced.
  • Increasing capacities of primary health care services. The program will renovate and equip Medical Mission clinics in the Hinterland and RDG clinics in the coastal region. Medical equipment will also be provided.
  • Strengthening of cooperation with French Guiana. This program will be based on a threefold approach; i) development of cooperation between hospitals, ii) strengthening of collaboration in the field of communicable disease, and iii) establishment of a partnership between Suriname Central Laboratory and French Guiana Institut Pasteur.
  • Improve quality care in tertiary hospitals
  • Improve equity in access of population to primary and secondary care in Suriname
  • Stimulate the development of the Marowijne region
  • Improve bilateral cooperation between Suriname and French Guiana.
Project start date
Paramaribo, Albina, Laduani, Pikinslee, Stoelmanseiland, Gakaba, Godo Olo, Kwamalasemutu, Alalapadu
Financing tool
16 100 000
Financing amount
Ministry of Health