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The Programme aims to strengthen the Lebanese stakeholders in their respective functions as service operators and tutelage
Despite the restructuring efforts undertaken in 2000 by the Lebanese government and the various investments in infrastructure, and after twenty years since the creation of the regional water establishments, the sector still shows a strong need for reforms. The latter is crucial to strengthen the legal and operational framework aiming at improving water and wastewater services to the population, seriously affected by the economic and social crisis that the country is facing. With the funding provided by the European Union, AFD has committed to the implementation of a support program for sector reforms at the legal, operational and planning levels.

The CEDRE conference held in 2018 identified significant reforms in the water and wastewater sector as well as investments considered of the highest priority for the achievement of the targets set in the national strategy 2020-2030.

The European Union (EU) having affirmed its willingness to support Lebanon in the implementation of reforms, a delegation of funds to the AFD has been set up to support the development and adoption of the measures necessary for this reform by supporting the paradigm shift, from a public policy centered on the establishment of infrastructures, to a sustainable and quality service offer for all.


The Programme aims to strengthen the Lebanese stakeholders in their respective functions as service operators (The Water Establishments) and tutelage (The Ministry of Energy and Water - MoEW).

The specific objectives are:

  • The set-up of conditions for the sustainability and balance of water and wastewater services through capacity building and the conduction of specific studies;
  • The implementation of priority reforms proposed in the new water law and the achievement of an improved governance;
  • The facilitation of institutional dialogue and sectoral coordination.
  • The improvement of water and wastewater services,
  • The establishment of a performance-based framework between the operators and the supervisory authorities,
  • The drafting and adoption of implementing decrees for the water law and its provisions,
  • The restoration of trust between the users and the operators and the achievement of financial governance.
Project start date
5 years
Duration of funding
12 700 000
Financing amount
Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW)
Bekaa Water establishment (BWE)
Beirut Mount-Lebanon Water Establishment (BMLWE)
South Lebanon Water Establishment (SLWE)
North Lebanon Water Establishment (NLWE)
European Union

The content of this project information sheet falls under the sole responsibility of the AFD and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the European Union.